3 step roadmap for seamless Intercompany Invoicing

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Until you reconcile your intercompany accounts, you can’t close your books. The more intercompany activities you are engaged in, the more complex, time-consuming and error-prone the process becomes. But it doesn’t have to be. Issues arise because the sending and receiving companies:

  • Don’t use the same reference numbers for raising invoices
  • They are not booked in the same period
  • Neither the documents nor supporting evidence are linked in your ERP system
  • Different companies use different ERPs that can’t communicate with each other

This results in a lack of transparency across both businesses that costs time and effort to put right. Left with potentially hundreds of documents with no clear match, staff resource is dedicated to manually tracking down these documents. But, by implementing a few simple rules, and enforcing them across all your legal entities you can eradicate the pain of period-end intercompany reconciliations.

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